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Is it especially tragic that I feel like I have had a super accomplished day if I get out of bed before ten? Because I do, I totally do.

I guess I am at a sort of odd point in my life. I'm starting my postgraduate degree in publishing in September, but that is still four months away. I'm going to California for a big chunk of July, but that is still two months away. And I'm unemployed at the moment, for a few reasons, but partially because it seems kind of moot to look for something until (a) I come back from California, and (b) I know what my working restriction will be with my OSAP agreement/class schedules.

I'm supposed to be using this time to work on my writing, and I am, I really am, but it is still frustrating because I feel like nobody really takes me seriously. I mean, I have a daily commitment to Alleged Whiskey, and between our guest strip on Girls With Slingshots and promoting at TCAF (mostly GWS tbh), we are actually seeing results in our viewership, but I still feel like a huge swath of my friends and family treats it like some goofy project I'm tooling around on with Jamie. And I try to work on other writing projects every day as well (although let's ignore the whole fanfiction addiction for now).

I think that a lot of the people I know have an assumption that if you aren't working (even if only at a Coffee Time or something), then you probably are not doing anything all day, which isn't necessarily true. And I know that "who cares what other people think" has been the slogan of frustrated people outside the box since the very first middle school was invented, but well...I care. I care what people think.

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