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Thoughts on The Globe and Mail this morning:

1. I can't believe "Calgary gets historic railroad spike for its museum!" is page 2 news. PAGE TWO OF THE NEWS. Oh, Canada.

2. Two page spread on the post-Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver this year. Really? I think this is a little overblown. I mean yes, Vancouver did mix it up a little questionably last year, but cut them some slack. Hockey is just about the only thing Canadians get all hot blooded over, and they felt really bad about it afterwards! I bet nobody in London went downtown to clean up their riot mess last year!

3. Two articles on China, both of which make China out to be an adorable nation that is trying real hard, despite being overrun with sexist, communist baby killers. I have a theory that the US has been othering China in the media out of fear of their rising power and that is trickling into Canadian news. But I'm also told I'm a conspiracy theorizing hipster.

Anyway, the bottom line is I am glad I am not a news reporter. It seems thankless and too easily misread. I think I would always be frustrated.
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