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Is it bad that all I want to do is lie around and read YA urban fantasy books? Because it definitely is. I've ripped through all the Mortal Instruments series this week and I am so sucked into them I feel like a geeky kid again or something. When I was ten or eleven and I first started reading Tamora Pierce I literally made my mom drive to the bookstore at like 9PM on a school night because I had run out of Immortals books and needed to pick up Song of the Lioness IMMEDIATELY. And she actually drove me, bless her heart. Anyway that is how I am now except I'm a grown up with a buss pass or whatever.

This whole turn of events is sort of disturbing because I was on this big classic lit kick and had been feeling very well read and now I am just kind of a nerd. Also I'm pretty sure I remember Cassandra Clare being a rascal of questionable morals back in her fanfic days? So I'm not sure how crazy I am about how totally obsessed with her work I am now.
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