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7 April 1987
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~life is a cookie, and I am the oreo~
acting, america's next top model, america's sweethearts, amy yasbeck, anastasia, angel, arrested development, beauty and the beast, beetlejuice, ben/matt, bette davis, bettie page, bif naked, birthday massacre, blonde redhead, brian k. vaughn, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bugs bunny, capt. franky cook, casablanca, charmed, christian bale, chrono trigger, cillian murphy, cinderella, cinnamints, clark gable, clone high, cole/paige, comics, courtney love, dave the barbarian, delia/josiane, diet coke, disney, dogma, du muβt caligari werden, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, elizabeth bathory, empire records, fables, fantasy, final fantasy, finny the blue turtle, fiona apple, firefly, futurama, garbage, gentlemen prefer blondes, girl interrupted, gob bluth, gone with the wind, grace kelly, great and terrible beauty, greta garbo, heart, heathers, helga sinclair, hercules, hole, hollywood, i sailed you good, i'm the real tigger, jack off jill, jack/will, jake gyllenhaal, jawbreaker, kill bill, kingdom hearts, klaus nomi, lalalalalalalala--aww!, legend of dragoon, libba bray, like peter pan, lilo and stitch, logan echolls, logan/weevil, lolita, lucus the mouse, madison bell, marilyn monroe, mary bell, megara, moulin rouge, mulan, musical disney rises again, my fair lady, mystery men, name me nobody, newsies, nina hagen, o.r. melling, old school tim burton, peach licorice, perry hilton, philosophy, pink, pixie light, pocahontas, poe, poison ivy, portishead, princess josiane, rachel mcadams, repo! the genetic opera!, rider strong, road to el dorado, rocky horror picture show, rose mcgowan, save dollhouse, scrubs, serial killers, shawn hunter, sirius/snape, sky captain, sleeping beauty, spiderman, splat, steve the egg, strangerlet, sweet transvestites, tallulah bankhead, tamora pierce, tangerine sour altoids, teen angel, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the baby-sitters club, the dresden dolls, the emperor's new groove, the hunters moon, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the quay brothers, the-secret-world-of-alex-mack, thrift stores, treasure planet, vanilla coke from ruby's, veronica mars, vertigo, veruca salt, video games, whistle pops, who framed roger rabbit, will with a pickaxe, winona ryder, xander's private jet, y: the last man, zelda

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