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Well, never let it be said that my life is not strange and tumultuous.

On Tuesday at work, I was asked to send out a rather large email (2000+ people). It was a call to get people to vote for my company in some awards ceremony. "Mercedes, please bcc this to the list of candidate I sent you," one of my bosses said.

"Okie dokie," I replied, although really I was thinking ugh, the tedious bitch work that is the lot of the receptionist.

Twenty minutes later, I got a very unhappy call from my boss. "Mercedes, did you bcc that email?"

"Uh, yeah, like twenty minutes ago?"

"You're sure? You're sure you BCC'D THAT EMAIL?"

And I, thinking Oh crap, what did I do?! checked the email. Which I had, in fact, not BCC'd, but CC'd.

(Tech break: To bcc an email is to send so you cannot see any of the recipients, as a recipient. CC and everyone can see everything).

Of course, my boss already knew that, because he had received a very angry email from a candidate who was outraged and disgusted that anybody would dare make her email known in a forward, the scoundrels. Not only was she outraged and disgusted at this gross breach of confidence (her words, not mine), but she was now going to call her lawyers and see what THEY had to say about this.

It was at this point I began to suspect that I might be in trouble.

Ten minutes later when I was asked to come to the conference room to speak on the phone to the CEO in Monaco, I was pretty sure I was in trouble.

"What happened?" The CEO asked me.

"Um. Well I was sending out that email. And I guess I cc'd it instead of bcc'ing it. I'm really sorry!"

"Were you told to bcc it?"

"Yes, but I made a mis--"

"You're sacked."

And then she hung up. And poof! I was sacked. It was so sudden I was sure it must be a joke, or a turn of phrase, or maybe the British always hyperbolically fire people the same way we will say "You're so dead!" but like...we aren't REALLY going to kill the person.

It was not. I was totally sacked, and fifteen minutes later, my desk was cleared, and I was out the door, aimlessly wandering the streets and thinking FML. Now what?!

For those keeping track: Yes, within 45 minutes of being told to send that email, I was fired because of it. FML.

This was on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I decided to make some changes. I'm kind of over London, to be honest, so my first move was to LEAVE LONDON. I called to break my lease (bye bye deposit) and figured out where I wanted to go next. My plan after London was always to go to France for a few months to study, so I thought, hey, I'll just move that up, which I have done.

Of course, there was still a four day period between when my rent was through and classes started, so I was left with the decision of what to do THEN. Conveniently, the south of France (where I will be studying) is awfully close to Barcelona, in Spain.

So I guess what I am saying is...I was totally fired on Tuesday, but on the bright side I am going to Spain in three weeks!

Twists and turns, man. Twists and turns.
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