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Doing things is so tragic and difficult. Like, I can't even check my email without having a panic attack.

But really, is it just me, or is email WAY more complicated than it was ten years ago? I used to have one email and all I got in it was like, fanfiction reviews and yahoo digests and stuff. And now I have something like FOUR email accounts that I am supposed to be checking out every day but I never do because whenever I look in my email now it is just people reminding me of stuff I need to do/yelling at me for stuff I didn't do/trying to sell me coupons, and then eventually I am so overwhelmed that I don't even see the emails that I should/want to attend to.

(But then it has been so long that by the time I discover them, answering these emails seems like a herculean effort because I feel like all that will accomplish is reminding the sender that I never responded to their email... and, well, hyperbole and a half explains it better than I ever could.)

Basically, even the internet will not let me be a slacker anymore.
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